Covid-19 basic income research

As the Covid-19 outbreak keeps Americans from working, policymakers are increasingly considering cash transfers and universal basic income to keep families afloat. Here you can find our research on the latest proposals.

Latest research: Covid relief package

A new paper from Max Ghenis and Nate Golden finds that extending the $600-per-week unemployment benefit reduces poverty and inequality more than a payroll tax cut of the same cost, but less than universal payments.

Read Poverty and inequality effects of new unemployment benefits, payroll tax cuts, and universal payments for more.

Tracking emergency cash transfer proposals

See the full tracker or read more on our blog.

Research paper: Stabilizing poverty amid Covid-19 with universal basic income

Max Ghenis finds that UBI policies offsetting income losses should include children to cost-effectively stabilize the poverty rate.

Read the paper or the blog post.